My Experience In Uman
airplane.jpg (67842 bytes) Its an interesting experience traveling on the plane with so many fellow Jews. Upon Arrival to Kiev sometimes someone starts a niggun and everyone will join in.



I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to visit Uman numerous times. Each time was a new and exciting experience. When departing from the amazing trip, inside I felt a feeling of newness. Upon arrival back into the real world, there was no way to express to others what I had just been through. I could tell my friends to go to Uman themselves the following year but how many would truly follow my advice?


In my heart, I know that one day the world will know the preciousness of going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah. If you will take but a moment of your time and go there with me, I will try and relate in words to the best of my ability my wonderful experience. CONTINUE



The streets become filled with Jews like it was hundreds of years ago. umstreb.JPG (37547 bytes)

umkitchb.JPG (44872 bytes)
The Vaad of Rabbanim provide all the food for the week visit for thousands. I don't know how they do it!


Rebbe Nachman says that the Park Sofia in Uman has all the wonders and beauty of the world in it. umzsof1b.JPG (40200 bytes)



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